Braddock Road Preservation Association

Forbes Road Bus Tour – “The Middle Section”

Friday, November 2, 2018

7:00 AM – Bus arrives at Jumonville Camp

7:30 AM – Bus departs Jumonville parking lot turning left on Jumonville Road

                 Make left on Route 40 to Confluence, take Route 711 to PA Turnpike

                 Take PA Turnpike to Bedford Exit.

9:30 AM – Bus stops at a Sheets on Route 220 for bathroom break

                 Take Route 220 to Bedford Museum

10:00 AM – Fort Bedford this is not a stop. Stay on Route 30 traveling west

10:20 AM – Turn left into Shawnee State Park (possible lunch and bathroom stop)

11:30 AM – Return to Route 30 west

11:45 AM – Turn left into Buffalo Farm

12:00 PM – Return to Route 30 west

12:15 PM – Rohr’s Gap (stop off only)

12:20 PM – Leave staying on Route 30 west to the top of the mountain to again view Rohr’s Gap

                   travel 2 tenths of a mile and turn right onto FLEEGLE ROAD (this is a dirt road)

                   travel 8 tenths of a mile to FORT DUART LANE and turn left

                   travel back this road to unload and turn around little further on

12:40 PM – Fort Duart

2:00 PM – Leave and return to Route 30 West (drive by Edmonds Swamp)

2:50 PM – possible bathroom stop at Fort Ligonier

3:30 PM – Reboard bus and drive to Friendly Fire Incident Site via Route 30 west

4:15 PM – return to Fort Ligonier via Route 30 east

4:30 PM – Dinner

6:30 PM – Leave and return to Jumonville via Route 711

7:30 PM – Jumonville