When the Forest Ran Red

Learn about When the Forest Ran Red: Washington, Braddock and a Doomed Army, the 2001 film documentary produced by Paladin Communications for the Historical Society of Western pennsylvania through cooperation with the Bradock Road Preservation Association.

Joe Peyser’s Book – Ambush & Revenge

Learn about Ambush and Revenge: George Washington’s Adversaries in 1754 – Ensign Joseph Coulon de Jumonville and Captain Louis Coulon de Villiers, the 1999 monograph published by noted colonial-era scholar Joseph L. Peyser. This 29-page document presents important information about these two noted brothers who so shaped the life and career of George Washington.

Videos From Previous Seminars

Contact us at for more information about videos available from past annual Jumonville French & Indian War History Seminars.

Upon This Mountain – Jumonville History Book

Learn about Jumonville’s own history book, Upon This Mountain, Volume One, by Rev. George Shultzabarger.