The Braddock Road Preservation Association is an advisory organization that seeks to research, develop, interpret and promote the French and Indian War history of Jumonville, Dunbar Camp, and the Braddock Road. A secondary purpose is to research, develop, interpret and promote the history of the Pennsylvania Soldiers’ Orphans School. The Association functions in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors of Jumonville, Inc.

This organization has held an annual French & Indian War Seminar for over 25 years on the first Saturday in November. In addition, for the past several years, we have also offered a Bus Tour of various portions of the original Braddock Road from Cumberland, MD, to Pittsburgh, PA. Prominent authors, artists, and musicians have enriched the experience with their knowledge, passion, and painstaking research. Fans of history are fascinated to uncover the social, political, and physical realities of the time when George Washington was a young man and when Braddock’s Road was built.

In fact, several Board Members of the BRPA have authored important works on the subject, from books to articles to movie documentaries, the wealth of resources is a reflection of their talents and their interest in the Braddock Road.




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